Manufacturing industries often encounter problems in delivering goods on time. Developing a product takes substantial amount of time, from planning and procuring the materials, manufacturing them, and finally delivering them on time.
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Let's assume a manufacturing company has orders from a skincare company.

The skin cream you are about to manufacture definitely requires ample research before it is mass-produced.

So, first, the skin cream ingredients and the processes involved in making it go to the R&D table. After which, the materials are procured for manufacturing. But the problem is sourcing those materials create a few issues, such as "how to procure the purest form of materials?" How to get the materials on time?"

Once the materials are procured, it goes through certain internal processes, and in the end, it goes for a quality check.

Hundreds of quality checks are done to ensure the product is safe. If in case, the product fails to pass the quality, it again goes back to the vendor. So, overall, this is a very long cycle. Client deliverables also have a time crunch. For instance, you may already be at month two, and expected to deliver by month six. You may have to go back to the 1st step if there are issues in production. However, you will never have a clear picture of what made the tables turn.

Problem Solving.

So, we solve this issue by finding out the late time analysis. We drill down on every single process and understand what causes the delay.

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If we have delayed something by five days today, how will it affect my delivery date after six months?

We try to analyze and keep checkpoints everywhere to understand where this process would get out of hand. So that's what we are doing in late-time analysis. Over time, if the product is made again and again, we would also analyze the bottlenecks in the processes and find out the exact cause.

Understanding what products we are making, the problems, then arriving on the reason for the lag and rectifying it is what we do for manufacturing sectors.

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