Data Analytics.

Unleash true business intelligence through advanced data analytics.
In the current digital era, data, analytics, and artificial intelligence play significant roles in boosting business operations, developing new business models, and enabling process augmentation.
At Fornax, we enable organizations with optimal data and analytics to help them develop new business prospects and generate new revenue streams. Leveraging IoT, cloud, AI & ML technologies, we enable organizations with augmented intelligence and business process automation.
1. Data Analytics

Reporting & BI.

Every company requires accurate data on its historical and ongoing performance and future trends to make better decisions on strategic issues. To congregate accurate data, we use reporting & BI, where a BI tool prepares and analyzes data to find and share practical insights. Thus, BI reporting gives you the data with which improved decisions can be made, impacting the overall business performance.
2. Data Analytics

Forecasting and ML.

Predicting future happenings in the manufacturing and supply chain sectors can help you prepare to adopt any future trend, a demand for a product, or a service. With forecasting and ML's statistical tools and techniques, we can improve the accuracy of forecasts in business and get reliable data to deal with challenges that are likely to occur in the future. Thus, we help you get data on the long delivery lead time, high inventory and waste levels, and much more so that you can improve decision-making in your business and solve problems better.
3. Data Analytics

Data mining.

Data mining can turn raw data into useful information. So, we use data mining techniques to discover patterns and relationships in your business data and help you make better decisions. Be it discovering sales trends, developing more strategic marketing campaigns, or deep diving into customers' problems, we can provide helpful insights to take your business one step ahead.
Data Analytics

Case study - Analytics Transformation: The White Willow's Journey to Data Excellence

A Case Study on Harnessing Data Analytics for Operational Excellence
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