Data Engineering.

Businesses of all sizes contain huge amounts of unorganized data, from customer feedback to sales performance, collected from different streams. Data engineering is used to organize this humongous data and design and build systems that let data engineers collect and analyze it.
Data engineering is an incredibly broad field that needs the right expertise to create a robust strategy using cutting-edge technologies to handle business data. We at Fornax have a team of data engineers with a strong profile in dealing with complex data and designing and developing smart pipelines and datasets that businesses can use.
1. Data Engineering

Data Pipeline Architecture And Implementation.

A data pipeline is a process of moving organized data between the source and target systems and ensuring the data is available in the expected form.
When a broader system of pipelines is laid to connect various data sources, storage layers, analytics tools, data processing systems, and applications, and that data is collected and stored for analysis in a manageable and cost-effective way; a data pipeline architecture is used.
Fornax helps in developing a comprehensive data pipeline and architecture. Thus, by implementing it correctly, businesses can avoid slowdowns and vulnerabilities at different stages of data movement.
2. Data Engineering

Design And Build Of Data Lake And Data Warehouse.

Data lakes are data repositories that allow anyone to store both structured and unstructured data at any scale for immediate or future use. Whereas a data warehouse only contains structured data that can be cleaned, processed, and stored in a predefined manner for business needs.
Fornax paves the way for building the most suitable data lake and data warehouse for your organization. We assist you in establishing a solid foundation for your usable and potential data points, which is reflected in advanced data architectures that provide detailed business insights.
3. Data Engineering

Build Data Tables and Data Views To Represent Data Better.

You need data tables and views to organize structured data better, sort it out clearly in tables, and create different views. Thus, businesses can get a clearer picture of data and use it better.
Fornax uses technologies and techniques to churn complex data into actionable information in data tables quickly. Thus, organizations can achieve a holistic view of business insights through dynamic data tables and other analytics measures.
Data Engineering

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