How we helped Re’equil solve its internal work management issues with process digitalization?

Re’equil, launched in 2018, is a cosmetic brand stressing the importance of self-care as an integral part of one's life.
It is India's first online direct-to-consumer cosmeceutical brand that sells personal care products formulated by scientists and evaluated by dermatologists. While it has served its products to more than 500,000 happy customers, it has had some issues with internal process management.


Being a D2C company in the cosmetics space, this company had many people working on various processes. The company used simple management tools to manage the team and track the internal process. But it resulted in creating chaos.
There were multiple processes with numerous tasks. They couldn't track exactly why a particular task was delayed or consuming a certain amount of time. And, it became a struggle to get things done on time or to cut down on the extra time.
For instance, if they wanted to run a campaign for their brand, they would need some collateral items such as videos, text, and other forms of content.
Though everything was planned for content creation and many people were working on different tasks, they failed to streamline the work.
So, the miscommunication led to missing out on deadlines for completing a particular task. The lack of coordination and inability to track created chaos in the internal system.

How did Fornax help streamline the processes?

First, Fornax understood the exact problem the company faced regarding work management. Then we implemented process digitalization using KissFlow to manage all the tasks.
Kissflow is robust business process management software that effectively handles the chaos around the business and automates all the work. This software gives an overview of all the processes simultaneously. So, we developed a clear-cut workflow using this software. Some processes were super complex, and we simplified every single process and made it trackable.
We generated analytics reports for key metrics. Based on that, we got analytics reports for everything. These reports gave clear information about a particular job, its completion status, and the delay. Based on the analytic reports, the company gained insights into every process.

Sequence of work performance.

Tracking the processes
The first problem, tracking every process, was solved by streamlining the operations.
Cut down lead time
Next, they wanted to shorten the lead time for every process. So, by integrating the user metrics, we could calculate the time required to complete one process. For instance, if they decided to run a one-month campaign, they made a plan to complete the tasks within 15 days. Additionally, every single process associated was tracked. Thus, they get everything they need to do along with their due date.
Sharing information
The team found it difficult to share information, documents, or other materials with other members. With Kissflow, one can easily get all the information and resources on the intuitive dashboard. We at Fornax made an immense effort to simplify the processes, streamline, and track them seamlessly. Anyone can check for any lag in the process and get a clearer picture of what is happening internally in a workspace.
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