D2C (direct to consumer).

Do you know why more businesses are marching towards D2C?
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D2C (direct to consumer)

Optimize your sales process to enable a seamless customer experience.

Do you know why more businesses are marching towards D2C?

This is because they get to interact with customers directly and provide a more personalized shopping experience by understanding their behaviours and other factors.

For instance, if you are in a supermarket to purchase a particular brand of hair oil, you navigate to the personal products section and look for the same. If you don't find the product, sales assistants will help you. But this is not the case with online shopping. When users don't find a product, they simply drop it off.

This is where the customer data platforms come here as a silver bullet, making the D2C thrive by solving customers' problems by understanding them.

A CDP is software that clubs data from multiple tools to create a centralized customer database containing first, second and third-party data.

In a world of millions of unique customers making a product purchase, a CDP helps deliver a unified view into your customer's minds and needs.

So, how CDP works is it tracks your activities online. Like, when you click on a certain product, you go to some links, or maybe you go to some YouTube video, and then you come on to this particular link.

Its tracks all that activity. By collecting this data from different platforms, the CDP will better understand what this customer might want. So based on your behaviour pattern on the website or different platforms, they will segment the user's behavioural pattern into a certain category and come up with appropriate recommendations/product listings.

Problem Solving.

For D2C companies struggling to understand their customers better and improve sales and revenue, we provide CDP as the solution.

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What we do is, set up CDPs for you and channel all the customer data. Based on this customer data, you can get relevant marketing material that can be used for ads campaigns, keywords for SEO, or help you deliver the right set of recommendations for your customers in real-time.

Let's say a user was on the website and went off without making a purchase. A CDP must have captured your presence and then sends a WhatsApp or email message saying that "Hey if you haven't found out what you're looking for, you can check some other options or speak to our executive who can help you choose the right product.

This is how CDP works. It promises hyper-personalized experiences to customers and helps a business succeed.

Case studies.

Process Digitization

Case study - Re’equil

Reequil is a cosmeceutical brand that offers online direct-to-consumer wide skincare products.
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