Unlock Advance Analytics for your Odoo ERP.

Unable to get advance analytics for your Odoo applications ?
We at fornax build data models that connects multiple Odoo applications and give you the right insight on one single dashboard.

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Scale Your Business Forward with End to End Analytics for Odoo.

Fornax integrates your Odoo data into data warehouses like Big Query, Redshift, Snowflake.

Our integrated service gives you a competitive edge by building customer models and reports on the Odoo data to effectively handle diverse business challenges including CRM, inventory/sales analysis, manufacturing and performance tracking.

This analytical service can help you create customised reports, data tracking and filters.

You can join multiple data sources like Salesforce , Bigcommerce, Shopify, Google sheets, Excel, Postgres , MySQL data sources along with your Odoo data. To get a unified view of your operations.


Build Advance Reporting models on your Odoo data.
Create Custom reports by joining data from various applications
Unlock process analytics by Quantifying delays at CRM, Sales, PLM, Purchase, and Manufacturing process
Query live on the Odoo Database to create custom reports
Pre-built data models and reports for Sales, CRM, and Purchase
Get all app’s analytics in one dashboard